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Soundscapes in Romania
   - Free iBook "Soundscape Storyboard" for iPad, iPhone and Mac.

In August 2010 I traveled to Romania with the Jason Harms Quintet, an ensemble of talented jazz musicians, to capture stereo soundscape recordings of the group's performances and interactions with local residents across the eastern part of that country.


Over next the three years, Jason and I spent hundreds of hours together in happy collaboration crafting something really unique that he cleverly dubbed a "soundscape storyboard" -- a mashup of high quality soundscape audio with outstanding photography from our friend and colleague Marty McAlpine -- all of it to help tell a meangful story.

This was a massive labor of love that swept away nearly every other project for almost three years. And it was worth every minute! I invite you to download this timeless piece of media art free from the iTunes iBook store...